Wednesday, 16 January 2008


.....and a happy new year! Again. Because you've probably heard those words quite a few times already.

Over Christmas, one of my old friends commented that I often write words such as 'sorry it's been a while since the last update...', and this is one of those occasions. oops! Still, the weeks have been full of holiday, Christmas before that, and in the last week and a half other things took priority, and the need to do design work which pays....

I love drawing See What Happens, it's my pet project, and I definitely want to do the book. However, the real life need to produce work which will help the bank balance prevails! So updates might be a bit less than usual, but bear with me.... I think I'm going to have to try and play catchup later....

On a different note, the news that Disney are making another 2D animated feature film is great! I don't normally like Disney films (they got a bit too formulaic and are way too sugary), but I might just go and see it if it boosts their profits and makes them do more--- it was nice to see 2D in 'Enchanted', and it's about time it came back.

3D looks great too, but I did 2D at uni, and by the time I left it was well in decline. Which was a shame, because I tried 3D computer animation and didn't like having to make a model of the character in the computer, put a skeleton in it, (I can't remember if I actually did that bit..) and deal with terms such as 'phong' and 'curve nurbs', when I could just draw the thing.
2D has the 'swooshy line' factor and energy which most 3D doesn't have (unless you're incredibly good like the Pixar denizens). And I think there's been enough films with computerized penguins and other realistically furry animals for a while. (Ratatouille however, is in a whole other league...) Now if Pixar did a 2D movie, that would be fantastic....

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