Sunday, 20 April 2008

Ziggy and the Robots of Doomland

And hello once more, after over a month... this involved being on holiday and having other design work to do, and the future holds some animation I'm doing at the moment for a project that a good friend of mine, Mr Jon Taylor, is working on. See what he's about at, and say hi, and leave messages to get him to carry on his story via the medium of lego at

Anyhow, today's cartoon is a taster of an idea I've been wanting to draw that's been around in some form or another in my sketchbooks since I was in school, and in a change of tack for See What Happens so far, I'd like to start doing... we shall see how it develops. It's whatever is the most fun for me to draw in my spare time. Which is invariably what I'm not planning to draw. Maybe I should tell myself I need to draw a book documenting different styles of lampposts from around the world, then I might get on with one of my storytelling projects instead. As for the 'book in a year thing', well, it's still just about possible, it might just be a very tiny one. And I will need to do a drawing cram or two... I need a rich sponsor.
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