Saturday, 27 October 2007


May I recommend to you the webcomic of a Mr Jeremy Gonzales and Friends, entitled 'Knights of the Nexus'? It's one of the comics I read regularly, and is one of those stories where things actually happen instead of the villain going 'Bah, I'll get you next time!' after his latest inept plan for world domination/ to destroy his enemies and their pet dog fails and the reset button being pressed so everything's the same as it was by the end of the episode. 'Trigun' and 'The Mysterious Cities of Gold' come to mind, a big story unravelling over 25 or so episodes....

Anyhow, take a look, it's at I think Jerms is the best character....

They really should release Cities of Gold on DVD.

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This one's based on an actual road sign I saw on the way back from a family do. Not sure it refers to greenery though.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Twas my birthday recently, and Sarah and I went to see Ratatouille, which was quite simply art. Brilliant. Made by people who's skill makes you weep.
One of the reviews I saw though said 'Not enough laughs', which is a stupid criticism--- the director, Brad Bird, did 'The Incredibles' too, which was fantastic in the way the danger to the heroes was real, and the action scenes were of a more serious tone... and Ratatouille was more mature as well. It didn't race through the story and hit you with a joke or parp gag every 2 seconds in a bid to desperately keep your attention. Just because it's animation doesn't mean it has to be all out comedy...

Friday, 12 October 2007


Not based on actual events, might I just add.
(Click on the cartoon to get a bigger version)

Saturday, 6 October 2007

First Rockhopper Post

Here's the first post I did for my more general comic site,


and welcome to the first post on my new webcomic! This is something I've been wanting to do for a while-- I'd like to get started on an ongoing story (the 'Rockhopper' bit ), yet end up drawing whatever I find fun at the time, so in amongst the 'big adventure' will be a fair chunk of randomness and going off on tangeants: basically, whatever entertains me at the time.

I'm hoping to update once a week, but to start with I've put up a selection of cartoons I've done over the last few years. Two of them feature a character called Dr Dart, created by a friend of mine, Dave Skipper, who wrote the cartoons. Dave's last album 'Convoluted Substances' was stonking and Dr Dart featured in a comic strip which was found inside it... you can find out more at

And a big thanks indeed to Jon Taylor at, one of my good uni mates who designed and made the site. He's a gifted designer and does animation, film, webdesign, and puppetry, and I would thoroughly recommend you hiring him for any of those things. Not, however, for hot air ballooning lessons.

May I also plug Worcester Sauce flavour crisps... they're my favourite flavour at the moment.

Finally, be good to hear your comments-- email me at


Youth Group

Today's cartoon is an idea my brother, a church youth worker, had. I'm hoping to add a new cartoon at least once a week, but in light of the fact I'm going to need a good number of cartoons to make a good sized book in a year's time, I expect to have some cartoon binges going on.

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Greetings and All That

Hi there, and welcome to the first post for my new cartoon blog! I already have a comic website at, but this provides a way to find out what you think and get your comments.

The master plan is to let the rockhopper site have whatever comics I draw on it, taking in a wide range of stuff (and maybe the 'Rockhopper' comic itself someday), but for this site to have single frame cartoons, which I'm aiming to release in a book by this time next year.

Better get drawing then....

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