Saturday, 6 October 2007

Youth Group

Today's cartoon is an idea my brother, a church youth worker, had. I'm hoping to add a new cartoon at least once a week, but in light of the fact I'm going to need a good number of cartoons to make a good sized book in a year's time, I expect to have some cartoon binges going on.

May I draw your attention to the poll at the right-- yes, this is your opportunity to decide, once and for all, WHAT'S BEST. Make sure you cast your crucial vote. Voting will close by Christmas, so make sure you have your say! It really matters.


mrjontaylor said...

Really laughed at this one. Keep going chum.

mike said...

hah! nice one. :)

this, alas, is the bottom of the page and you can't go further. turn back!

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