Saturday, 6 October 2007

First Rockhopper Post

Here's the first post I did for my more general comic site,


and welcome to the first post on my new webcomic! This is something I've been wanting to do for a while-- I'd like to get started on an ongoing story (the 'Rockhopper' bit ), yet end up drawing whatever I find fun at the time, so in amongst the 'big adventure' will be a fair chunk of randomness and going off on tangeants: basically, whatever entertains me at the time.

I'm hoping to update once a week, but to start with I've put up a selection of cartoons I've done over the last few years. Two of them feature a character called Dr Dart, created by a friend of mine, Dave Skipper, who wrote the cartoons. Dave's last album 'Convoluted Substances' was stonking and Dr Dart featured in a comic strip which was found inside it... you can find out more at

And a big thanks indeed to Jon Taylor at, one of my good uni mates who designed and made the site. He's a gifted designer and does animation, film, webdesign, and puppetry, and I would thoroughly recommend you hiring him for any of those things. Not, however, for hot air ballooning lessons.

May I also plug Worcester Sauce flavour crisps... they're my favourite flavour at the moment.

Finally, be good to hear your comments-- email me at


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